We created Klutch to simplify bringing people together in realtime.

Hunter Gray

Founder & CEO

Hunter started Klutch to solve the problem of scheduling by bringing it to smartphones. After graduating from Yale University, Hunter jumped into the world of Direct Selling, where he built and then led a team of thousands to over $5M in sales within his first five years. The ubiquitous need to schedule sparked the idea for Klutch. Hunter raised an initial $800K to seed the company and bring on veteran players like Lisa Dusseault. Hunter spearheads the company’s product vision and marketing strategy. When not focusing on Klutch, Hunter loves to snowboard and watch NFL football.

Lisa Dusseault

VP of Engineering

Let’s just say that Lisa knows a thing or two about scheduling. Her expertise in web standards comes from over a decade of work with email, calendaring and HTTP standards. Lisa’s work in calendaring is what caught the attention of Hunter. She has worked at both large companies and startups, from Lead Engineer at Microsoft to co-founder at ShareTheVisit. When she isn’t solving architectural challenges and keeping the development team running smoothly, she’s talking about her son Darwin and his hilarious antics.

Steve Orens

Lead Mobile Developer

Steve has 19 years of software and startup experience including his early work at Apple. He’s a full stack developer with a focus on iOS, Android, and Ruby on Rails. Before Klutch, Steve worked at Zing, which was acquired by Dell in 2008, and co-developed the popular game Spaceword Ho for iOS. Steve’s not just a great creator of software, he’s also a father of three. Around his home, he’s known as the lead chef and baseball coach.

Lasha Efremidze

iOS Developer

Lasha comes to Klutch with years of a strong web development and animation background. For the last three years, Lasha has been focused on iOS – learning and trying everything he can. He’s our very own wiz-kid with a keen eye for design and user experience. When not coding or talking about how to improve Klutch, Lasha teaches a programming class on iOS and participates in startup weekend competitions.

Jose Ayerdis

Android Developer

Jose’s passion is designing and building advanced applications for the Android platform – it has been the major focus of his life for the last 4+ years. He loves to continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies. Jose is an incredible team player who enjoys team collaboration in the common effort to ship new features. Jose specializes in Android architecture and data layer structure. On the weekends, you can find Jose watching soccer and hanging out by the beach.

Camille Macaliano

Web Developer

Camille is our web developer and QA manager. She has an incredible tool set and so she works on a broad range of tasks from mobile QA to web integrations and design. Camille is a hard worker and solution oriented. When not handling product related issues at the office, she loves to read and rollerblade by the beach.


We believe that meaningful relationships, both personal and business alike, are cultivated from shared realtime experiences. We designed Klutch to eliminate the barriers that interfere with connecting people in realtime. Klutch is a social productivity platform that transforms the scheduling process from painful and cumbersome to simple, social and mobile. Let nothing get in the way of your relationships. ~ K

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